Notice 027/2016 – 787 Introduction Update

Yesterday we met with Qantas again to discuss plans for the introduction of the new aircraft into the Qantas fleet. The Qantas delegation was led by Sandra Nieuwenhuijzen with some other managers attending including Dave Kelly from Maintenance Watch. There was no nice Qantas email yesterday afternoon about the wonderful spirit of co-operation between the parties. The reason for that will be explained below.

Notice 021/2016 – VARA WA E.A Update

By now members would have received the correct VARA EA offer via email from your employer. The ALAEA/reps did not and cannot legally endorse the EA. The only “body of people” that can endorse the EA are members/employees. The Association/reps only agreed that the EA could be distributed so members could inspect and legally/democratically vote on the EA, as per the Fair Work Act 2009.

Notice 023/2016 – Qantas Leave Burn Latest

I will intentionally add some passion to this notice after another week of frustration with many hours of work going into preparations to attempt to ensure that Qantas do not get away with taking away your leave unfairly and embarking on a new round of compulsory redundancies next year when the 737 reconfigs wind up. Members who want more leave burn and redundancies should not read any further.


Members are advised that the ALAEA conducted a teleconference on 10 August 2016, in relation to the upcoming Jetstar EA negotiations in 2017, with ALAEA Reps Andrew Linegar-Coolangatta, Nathan Woods-Sydney, Gavin Hindes-Melbourne and ALAEA Jetstar Councillor Bob Toovey-Newcastle.