Licenced Aircraft Maintenance Engineer qualifications and training requirements are determined by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and are contained in Civil Aviation Safety Regulation (CASR) Parts 66 and 147 and their associated Manuals of Standards (MOS). The CASR and MOS can be found on the CASA website on the Rules and Regulations menu under “Current Rules”


In order to obtain an initial Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Licence underpinning Category training and assessment is required to be undertaken through a maintenance training organisation (MTO) approved under CASR Part 147. Additional training for specific aircraft types is then able to be undertaken – again, through a Part 147 MTO.


These MTO’s and the scope of training they deliver is listed in Advisory Circular (AC) 147-02. The AC is updated on a regular basis so to ensure you are viewing the most current version of the AC it can be found on CASA’s Current Rules page.



147 Technic

Course: Airbus A319/A320/A321 - V2500 (B1/B2) Theory & POC. 147 Technic is offering a 10% discount to ALAEA members.

147 Technic

Training: TAFE NSW – Padstow

The ALAEA is now accepting expressions of interest for enrolments for a third B1 Exclusion Removal Course offered by Padstow TAFE. The cost is as advertised $3500 for members and AMEs and $5,500 for non-members.

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