Current Agreements for most employers can be found below.

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Airline Operations Groundstaff Award 2010


Agreement Title 
Airbus Darwin Enterprise Agreement 2020 Download ae513196 here
Alliance Airlines Pty Ltd Aircraft Engineers (Brisbane) Enterprise Agreement 2019 - ae505369 Alliance BNE 2019
Alliance Airlines Pty Ltd Aircraft Engineers (Nth Qld) Enterprise Agreement 2020 - ae509229 Alliance Nt Qld 2020
Alliance Airlines Pty Ltd Aircraft Engineers (Perth) Enterprise Agreement 2020 - ae508677 Alliance Perth 2020
Australian Helicopters Enterprise Agreement 2014 - ae408851
Babcock Mission Critial Services Australasia Engineers Enterprise Agreement 2018 - ae501407.Babcock 2018
BAE Systems Australia (Commercial Aircraft Maintenance Services) Collective Agreement 2016 - 2018 ae423729 BAE CMRO 2016-2018
BAE Systems Tamworth Enterprise Agreement 2011-2014 ae892208 BAE Tamworth 2011-2014
Bristow Helicopters Australia Engineers Enterprise Agreement 2015 - ae418019 Bristow 2015
Bristow Management Services Enterprise Agreement 2013 - ae405866 Bristow Management 2013
Carbine Servcies - Aircraft Maintenance Agreement 2019 - ae506160 Carbine Services 2019
Cathay Pacific Airways Maintenance Engineers Enterprise Agreement 2018-2020 Cathay 2018-20
Civil Aviation Safety Authority Enterprise Agreement 2016-2019 ae422124 CASA 2016-2019
CHC Helicopters (Australia) AMWU and ALAEA Enterprise Agreement 2020-2022. ae10756 CHC 2020-2022
Cobham Aviation Services Base Maintenance Enterprise Agreement 2018 ae504470.Cobham Base 2018
Cobham Aviation Services Engineering Line Maintenance Enterprise Agreement 2018 ae503005.Cobham Line 2018
Cobham Aviation Services Engineering Pty Ltd Scheduled Maintenance Enterprise Agreement 2016 ae419453 Cobham Scheduled 2016
Cobham Engineering HMU Enterprise Agreement 2017 ae500435.Cobham HMU 2017
Eastern Australia Airlines Line Maintenance Aircraft Engineers Agreement 2016 ae421519 Eastern Line 2016
Eastern Australia Airlines Tamworth Engineering Base Maintenance Agreement 2013 ae405197 Eastern Tamworth 2013
Emirates Enterprise Agreement 2022 AG2022/3310
Hawker Pacific Pty Ltd Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Operations Enterprise Agreement 2018-2020ae505745 Hawker MRO 2018/20
Hawker Pacific Pty Ltd East Sale Maintenance Repair and overhaul operations Enterprise Agreement 2015/2019 ae421213 Hawker Pac East Sale 2015/2019
Heston MRO -Enterprise Agreement - ae508598 Heston
HNZ Australia Pty Ltd Helicopter Engineers Enterprise Agreement 2014 ae408028-2 HNZ Aus 2014
HNZ Broome Ground Enterprise Agreement 2017ae426740 HNZ Broome 2017
Jetstar Airways Engineering and Maintenance Enterprise Agreement 2018 ae503196 Jetstar 2018
LifeFlight Australia Limited & LifeFlight Commercial Limited Rotary Wing Engineering Enterprise Agreement 2022 LifeFlight Australia Limited
Network Turbine Solutions Engineering Enterprise Agreement 2016 ae423929 NTS EA 2016
Northern NSW Helicopter Rescue Service Limited Engineering Enterprise Agreement No. 1 ae429327 Westpac Rescue EA No.1
Northrop Grumman Integrated Defence Services Special Purpose Aircraft Maintenance Agreement 2016 ae418305 NGIDS SPA 2016
Panasonic Avionics PTS Line Maintenance Agreement November 2018 ae504170 Panasonic PTS 2018
Panasonic Avionics Technical Services Line Maintenance Agreement 2014 ae412713 Panasonic 2014
Qantas Airways Limited (Licenced Aircraft Engineers) Enterprise Agreement 10 2015 ae412051 QF LAME EA 10
Qantas Airways Limited (Technical Salaried Staff) Enterprise Agreement 10 ae412914 QF TSS EA 10
QF TSS Hay Benchmark book HAY Benchmark Book 7-Sep-2015
Regional Express Aircraft Engineers Agreement 2018-2021 ae503439 REX 2018-2021
Royal Flying Doctors Service of Australia (South-Eastern Section) (Mascot) Engineers Agreement 2017 ae511656
Royal Flying Doctors Service of Australia (Western Operations) Aircraft Engineers Agreement 2018 ae500446
Sunstate Airlines Pty Ltd (Aircraft Engineers) Enterprise Agreement 2015 ae417550 Sunstate 2015
Toll Aviation Aircraft Maintenance Enterprise Agreement 2018 ae500303 Toll 2018
Toll Helicopters Engineers Enterprise Agreement 2016 ae421701 Toll 2016
United Airlines Maintenance Staff Enterprise Agreement 7 [2016-2019] ae422017 United 2016-2019
Virgin Tech Enterprise Agreement 2020 ae429023 Virgin Tech 2020
Virgin Australia Regional Airlines Aircraft Engineers (Western Australia) Enterprise Agreement 2017ae427248 VARA 2017
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