The ALAEA has existed in excess of 30 years, and  has projected licensed aircraft engineers out of the ranks of the craft unions into the semi-professional technician area.


Salaries and conditions have been improved and are now more representative of the qualifications and responsibilities of the LAME. At the same time, the Licensed Aircraft Engineer has received considerable publicity which has created a greater public awareness of their role in the aviation industry. LAMEs have met the challenge of new and increased complex  technology of modern aircraft, and  accepts the ever increasing responsibility, as stated in the Association motto:

To undertake, supervise, certify … for the safety of all who fly.

The ALAEA membership includes most LAMEs employed in regular public transport and regional airlines, and has widespread coverage of LAMEs in General Aviation. The membership also includes technical staff and other engineering support staff. Current membership is in excess of 3,000.


Why Join the ALAEA?

  • Help secure your future and that of your family. In today’s Industrial Climate, where industrial laws favour employers over workers, it makes sense to belong to the ALAEA.
  • The ALAEA has a proven track record and industry expertise. It is a fully democratic organisation where you, the member, decide who is elected. It strives to consult and listen so that the members always have a say.

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