One of our members has had a bit of a rough trot lately, and has asked for our assistance.


Unfortunately, the matter will shortly find its way to a courtroom, so I can’t provide too much in the way of background information, but his legal team have asked us to gather data related to any incidents causing injury in Australia in Qantas workplaces relating to tow bars connected to aircraft, (particularly tripping type incidents) or (hauling) power leads, for the period from 5 May 2003 to 17 October 2010.


At this stage, Qantas are responding to legal letters claiming that there were no instances between 2003 and 2010 where anyone from Engineering tripped over a tow bar.  We find this hard to believe considering there were many instances post 2010.  It would not surprise us if they were providing false information, some evidence to catch them out could swing this case and assist our member to no end.


If you have had, or know of someone who has sustained an injury that would meet these criteria, please contact the office and provide as much detail as possible. Any assistance you can provide is greatly appreciated and will go a long way to ensuring that our colleague is looked after.


  Steve Purvinas

Federal Secretary


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