• The Association, as well as representing LAMEs and their Award wages and industrial entitlements, provides legal representation for members in the event of a Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) or Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) incident investigation, or an industrial workers’ compensation claim. On one case alone, the Australian Licenced Aircraft Engineers Association spent $37,000 on barrister’s fees in [successfully] defending two LAMEs accused of allegedly causing a fatal aircraft accident. CASA has introduced regulatory changes which make the aircraft industry a minefield for LAMEs and a number have already been charged and fined for breaches of the regulations.
  • The ALAEA provides the best possible industrial representation and support from experienced industrial staff who are involved solely in the aviation industry. In the event of unfair dismissal or an Award infringement by your employer, your interests are protected in the Industrial Relations Commission by our own industrial staff as well as a firm of solicitors retained by the Association who are expert in workers’ compensation and industrial law. We have recovered tens of thousands of dollars for members who have been improperly denied their Award entitlements of redundancy pay, holiday pay and pro-rata service leave.
  • Aviation Industry Expertise from elected officials who are working LAMEs.
  • Access to services such as Union Shopper and ACTU discount home loans.
  • Regular newsletters, notices and information regarding the changes rules that govern our profession.
  • Should a financial member die, a  welfare benefit of $5,000 is immediately sent to  the surviving spouse to assist with payment of essential items and costly funeral arrangements.
  • The ALAEA has grown to become a leader in not only the Technical aspects of Aviation but also the Industrial pursuit of fairer wages and conditions outcomes in our field.  Industrial support is not only given during negotiations, it relies on an active membership and participation that is co-ordinated through our Sydney and Melbourne offices.