Members are advised that the ALAEA conducted a teleconference on 10 August 2016, in relation to the upcoming Jetstar EA negotiations in 2017, with ALAEA Reps Andrew Linegar-Coolangatta, Nathan Woods-Sydney, Gavin Hindes-Melbourne and ALAEA Jetstar Councillor Bob Toovey-Newcastle.


The purpose of the teleconference was to receive feedback from Reps/Councillor in regards to a process for the development of a Log of Claims for members to ultimately vote on early 2017.


We proposed that;

1. Reps/Councillor would consult members at their respective bases for their views as to what a Log of Claims should constitute.  The Consultation should occur over the next 4 weeks.

2. A Log of Claims should be kept to around a minimum of approximately 12 points. The purpose of a smaller Log of Claims is to expedite the bargaining process.

3. A further teleconference should take place in about 4 weeks-time for further discussions concerning members views on a Log of Claims.

4. Regular communications be distributed by the Federal Office of the Association.


The current Agreement has a nominal expiry date of 23 April 2017. The ALAEA is taking an early initiative concerning a process leading to EA negotiations next year.


Brad Stewart                                                                                    

National Union Organiser     


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