Aka “A Champion Bloke”



We are deeply saddened to acknowledge the passing of Mathew Lousada. Matt was a brilliant LAME, a loyal member and an incredible person.



Matt started his career in aviation in Sydney back in 1989 when he joined Qantas Airways and as a talented engineer, smartly advanced his career and became a LAME there after. Matt worked in heavy maintenance up until 2006 where he ventured to Perth for a number of years before returning to Sydney up until present.



Matt indulged his career in workshops, hangars and on the line. He touched the lives of thousands of people, gaining the respect of his peers at every step.



I’m sure you all have many memories of Matt, working alongside him in the wind or  the rain, in the thick and the thin, in awe of his knowledge, in awe of his excellence, in awe of his attitude to rip in and always be there to lend a hand.



Whilst we value our working memories with Matt the memories we treasure most, are those of the mate-ship he endowed, his relentless passion to care for others and be there for you whenever you needed a mate the most. As we’ve heard repeatedly over the past few days “he was one of the good ones”. He wasn’t a good one, he was a champion bloke!



You left us too early, we’ll miss you mate.



Rip it up in the sky!


Mark Gant


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