With this new program, you and your family will soon be able to enjoy exclusive discounts on a great range of lifestyle, leisure and financial services all year round.

Benefits will include savings on a range of products such as dining, accommodation, leisure activities, adventure tours, airline lounge memberships, international money transfers, car rental, computers and many more.

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ACTU Members Connect

Let Union Shopper Motor Market take the hassle out of buying your next new or used car.

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Motor market

Better rates for union members. ME Bank is a 100% Australian owned, APRA regulated Bank. Established by industry super funds – the same people who brought you low cost, no commission super. We were proudly built to provide a genuine banking alternative – a fairer way to bank. Find out more

ME Bank

Union Shopper works with the majority of unions throughout Australia to provide members with tangible benefits that complement their union membership. Just as all union organisations strive to get members working together to improve their workplace, Union Shopper combines all of the buying needs of members to increase our bargaining power with businesses to provide welcome savings. In many cases it’s where you’d usually shop, just with a better deal! Find out more.

Union Shopper

Discount New Cars is a unique online new car buying service offering great pricing on popular New Car makes and models. ACTU Member Connect in conjunction with Discount New Cars brings you this exciting hassle free service. If you are looking for exceptional service backed up with a fantastic deal look no further than Discount New Cars for your car buying needs! Find out more

Discount New Cars

Travel Industry Club is a membership club created just for you, the industry professional. We offer heavily discounted flights, accommodation, cruises, tours, packages, insurance, car rental and if you can think of anything else we will find it!
If you are a member of the travel industry in any shape or form, then this is your club. Find out more

Travel Industry

Every union member has access to a great range of services through ACTU Member Connect that can be explored in our web site. Why don’t you explore the benefits? Find out more

ACTU Members Connect
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