Notice 020/2016 – All Members – Long Term Illness or Injury

At any one point in time the ALAEA would be advising on around five cases where members are dealing with a long term illness or injury. This notice serves as a guide to members who find themselves in that unfortunate situation. Often your employer will pretend to be assisting you to get back to work when really they are only trying to get hold of your personal information so they can build a case to terminate your employment. Employers sometimes hide behind an illness or injury to remove employees they don’t like, sack higher paid employees or avoid redundancy payments.

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Notice 019/2016 – Qantas_Duty Travel

We have had a few enquires lately from members regarding your entitlements whilst on Duty Travel. Specifically, some LAMEs have been provided an economy boarding pass upon check-in when departing for, or returning home from, either a posting or training, even when a confirmed business class ticket has been issued.

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The ALAEA recently attended an Engineering Committee consultation meeting held at the Bristow head office in Perth on 23rd June 2016. A number of issues were discussed but there was little in the way of agreed outcomes emerging from the meeting. I expect the Company will, at some stage, distribute minutes from the meeting but below are some key points that were raised.

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Notice 018/2016 – Cobham Line Maintenance Update

As you know last week it was announced that Cobham has signed a contract to extend its current QantasLink contract through to 2026. Whilst a 10-year extension is welcome news for Cobham in terms of future certainty and stability, the fallout from the announcement on engineering employees is apparently significant. The result is an approximate 10% reduction to Cobham line maintenance engineering numbers.

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Notice 015/2016 All ALAEA Qantas LAME’S – National Update

Representing Qantas LAME members is always a balancing act between those who want us to constantly take up the fight and others who desire us to be more conservative. Of course, it’s not possible to please all members all of the time. I do, however, appreciate the support we receive from members at both ends of the scale for the various approaches we use. During periods of protected industrial action, conservative members have led the way out the gate. When patience or compromise has been required the more combative members have also supported us.

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Notice 014/2016 Aerospace Maintenance Competition 2017 – EOI

Hot on the heels of another great performance on the world stage, expressions of interest are being sought from the entire ALAEA membership to represent the ALAEA at the 2017 AMC to be held in Orlando, Florida (April 24th-27th). 5 positions are available on the team consisting of 3 Mechanical and 2 Avionic engineers with the optimum team representing mainline, regional, general aviation, helicopters and technical areas of the ALAEA.

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Over the last week I’ve been speaking with some of our union Reps who work in Sydney and they relay that members are frequently asking questions about the leave burn court case. In this notice I will try and explain as much as I can but many aspects cannot be explained in depth for legal reasons. That is, anything I put in the notice will be taken by the Qantas legal team and used against us

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