As published in the ALAEA September 2022 Newsletter, the ALAEA Executive approved the creation of the ALAEA Professional Standards Committee (PSC).

The purpose of the PSC is to take necessary steps to ensure industry technical standards are maintained.

The committee takes an independent review of the matters raised and assists in resolving the disputes, or if necessary, liaises with the appropriate regulator in order to ensure the highest standards are maintained.

We recently received an enquiry about software loading for a 737 Flight Management Computer (FMCS) and correct certification categories.

The task contains a number of steps and possible variations to the procedure depending on the actual software being uploaded. For example, either the “database load” or the full “Operating Program Software (OPS)”

In the case of an OPS load there is a requirement to carry out the “FMCS Performance Factors – adjustment” as the Performance factors are reset to factory values during the load and need to be manually reset.

This is not required for a database only load.

We sought advice from CASA Airworthiness and Engineering Branch, and we were advised that the database load (and subsequent FMC to FMC cross load) fits within both the B1 and B2 privileges in the CASR Part 66 Manual of Standards (MOS). However, the task involving adjusting the FMCS Performance Factors is not a software load and falls outside the privileges for a B1 LAME. 

If you are a B1 category LAME tasked to carry out software loading, please be aware of the limitations for B1 certification. If in doubt ask for assistance from a B2 colleague, your quality department or contact the ALAEA PSC for advice.




The Professional Standards Committee

Notice_020_2022_ Professional Standards Committee 737 FMCS software load