This notice is to inform members of the first protected industrial action at VARA. It will be a simple one-minute stoppage at the start of your shift. The airline notification is attached. Some people have asked what we can achieve by stopping for such a short period. By doing so we activate the PIA actions which must start within a month of the ballot outcome or else the ballot result would lapse. This will not harm passengers or the airline, it will remind them that from this point, our options can be expanded at any time with 7 workdays’ notice. The committee will meet with VARA after we take action to see if they are more inclined to settle the dispute. We will not rush the process. We will work to our timetable as informed by our legal team.


Non-members cannot stop work. Members can decide for themselves if they want to follow or ignore this notification. Anyone who stops must be docked one minute of pay. VARA is entitled to respond to the one-minute stoppage with response action of their own. Their only option for response action is to lock ALAEA members out of the workplace without pay. We think it unlikely they will do this, but we are prepared to respond if they do. As our action is ‘protected’, VARA is not permitted to harm (aside from a possible lockout) you for participating. They cannot terminate you, demote you, or treat you different from a LAME who does not participate.


The aim is to achieve a better outcome than the unfair wage freeze that has been offered. With inflation so high, we also say that we should not give up licence payments or allowances to get a reasonable wage increase. Our office will be on standby in case you encounter any problems. My mobile number in 0400 071 505 if urgent assistance is needed.

Steve Purvinas

Federal Secretary


PIA Notification


Dear Nick,


Please be advised that VARA ALAEA LAME members who will be covered by the LAME Enterprise Agreement currently under negotiation will be taking Protected Industrial Action as follows:


Notification Number



Date of Action

5 October 2022 only.


Time of Action

Members will be starting their respective shifts one (1) minute late. This applies to any shift that would usually start on 5 October 2022.



All VARA ALAEA LAME members Australia wide.


Nature of Action

A one (1) minute work stoppage.

Kind Regards

Steve Purvinas

ALAEA Federal Secretary

Notice_019_2022_VARA PIA to begin