Qantas Members



Members will have received correspondence from Qantas advising them to expect LAME pay level adjustments to be complete by 24 April 2023 and to receive pay outcomes in their pay 25 April 2023.


The ALAEA has already been contacted by a large number of members who believe their levels are in error. We request members hold fire for a few weeks to give time for some “bedding in” and if you still believe there is an error follow these steps:


1 – Lodge a query with Qantas payroll.

If you do not get a response, or after the response you still believe there is an error;

2 – Contact the ALAEA with your payroll, job history, training history for analysis on

If there is still an error evident the ALAEA will work with you to take the appropriate steps.


The ALAEA has a significant amount of important work in progress assisting members at the moment. Please hold off contacting the office until these steps have been taken.



Kind Regards

Peter Gill

Acting Federal Secretary

Notice_003_2023_Qantas LAMES_Qantas EA Potential Payroll Errors