Expressions of interest are being sought from the entire ALAEA membership to represent the ALAEA in the 2016 AEROSPACE MAINTENANCE COMPETITION to be held in April 2016 in Dallas Texas in conjunction with MRO AMERICAS 2016.  Five positions are available on the team which consists of 3 Mechanical and 2 Avionic engineers. 


The goal of the competition is well described in the following excerpt:

The Aerospace Maintenance Competition (AMC) is a venue for teams of certificated Aircraft Maintenance Technicians, Aircraft Maintenance Engineers and students enrolled in either FAA, EASA, CASA or equivalently authorized schools as well as personnel of any country’s Armed Forces that are involved in the aircraft maintenance and spacecraft maintenance field. Uncertificated Aircraft Technicians and Aircraft Engineers employed with a MRO/OEM company are also eligible to compete. The AMC is an opportunity for today’s and tomorrow’s skilled Aviation Maintenance Professionals to test their combined abilities against those of their peers.

The ALAEA has competed in this competition since 2010, each performance building on the last, to the point where we are now one of the powerhouses of the competition. All this despite travelling over 12,000kms, never having practised together and not being familiar with the FAA way of doing things.  In 2015 we again finished second in the MRO division behind overall winner FEDEX and just ahead of last year’s overall winner Boeing. In 2016 we will again emulate the efforts of those who have gone before us and once again do the Association proud.   The ALAEA funds reasonable travel, food and accommodation expenses for the team but the individual team members will be required to make their own arrangements for leave from work.   For those interested please fill out the attached form including a precise` of industry experience and licences held.  Please return to the Federal Office by the 24th of August 2015 or email to


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AMC COMPETITION 2016 – Expression of Interest Form





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Hereby indicate acceptance of the above nomination for the position of Team Member to the 2016 AMC.


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Nomination forms must be completed and returned to the ALAEA Office by 1st August 2015


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