This information is for all members across Qantaslink and Qantas mainline and relates to a new method of timekeeping called “Deputy”. The ALAEA has grave concerns about this system and what it could eventually lead to.  The airline has implemented it at Sunstate, are trialing it in the Qantas Brisbane hangar and are trying to sell it to every other department.  They fully intend to bring it in regardless of our objections. 


During consultation meetings they tell us one thing (the GPS tracking will be great because we will always know where staff are) and then change their minds 10 minutes later (the GPS tracking will only be active at sign on-sign off time). It should be noted that anything they tell you at meetings can be changed if the system comes in.  They will also have the ability down the track to add new functions that are at this stage unknown.


The ALAEA offered to support the introduction of Deputy if three key protections were agreed. They are –


  1. That GPS tracking or Geolocation functions are disabled at the company end.
  2. That the Deputy system will not be force downloaded or pushed to any company provided devices.
  3. That information obtained by Deputy will not be used for wage docking or disciplinary reasons.


The company rejected all three of the protections we sought. This tells us that they intend to use Deputy for each of the above three reasons.  To make it clear, and despite what they say at their company meetings, they will track you, they will force the app to company provided devices and they will dock your wages or take disciplinary action against you using information obtained from your phone or iPad.


Problems have already been encountered by our members at Sunstate with wages being paid incorrectly. The company have been asked, but are unable to explain, how the system will allow you to clock on and off if you are working in a location which is not your usual workplace.  Other potential issues are envisaged; including offshoring of functions normally undertaken locally by planners and privacy concerns with confidential information being managed from overseas where Australian laws do not apply.


We need to collectively do what we can to stop this invasion of member privacy and we need to do so together. There are some things the company can direct you to do but their system will not work as planned if members refuse to grant access to equipment (mainly your phone) that the company do not own, or equipment the company do own (company supplied iPads) that you are not obligated to use outside work hours. 


All members should adhere to the advice below. It is not acceptable to leave some members to oppose what is planned when it is a collective rejection that will allow us to prevail. If you know of a member who is using Deputy in one of the ways below please make a note of it.


A) Do not sign any documents that say you “agree to”, “consent to” or “permit” various features of Deputy. This may include training documents.

The company lawyers will design a training package for Deputy and somewhere in the fine print will have you give away your rights to privacy in relation to this system. They will do this to gain permission from you that will allow them to make future changes that are unknown today. If you’re told you have to sign anything about the use of Deputy seek our advice first.

  B) Do not download Deputy to your phone or any other device. If you have already, remove it.

The company will try and sell this system as a fantastic new tool to manage your leave and rostering. In addition to the other concerns they will also expect you to do these things from home in unpaid time. If the system is on your phone, they will have the ability to track your movements and potentially access other features on your phone..

C) If the company force the download of Deputy to any company supplied device, do not take that device home.

The company know employees are not obligated to put work material on their phones and may tempt employees with company supplied iPads or phones that they control. They will force Deputy to that device, so they can use its functions.  If that is the case, leave the device at work.


Members should also be aware that the Deputy introduction was queried with Qantas mainline members during a recent survey. 648 members answered.  5% said they did not mind if Deputy comes in.  38% indicated they would prefer Deputy not come in and 57% were totally opposed to Deputy. This confirms that its introduction is strongly opposed by employees.


Steve Purvinas

Federal Secretary

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