Most of you would be aware that CASR Part 66 training standards for Aircraft Maintenance Licencing are underpinned by the Aeroskills Training Package (MEA) and associated Qualifications and Units of Competency, delivered by Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s) approved by CASA under CASR Part 147.

The MEA Training Package is reviewed and developed based on advice from the Industry Reference Committee (IRC) made up of representatives from large and small enterprises, peak industry bodies, associations and unions who understand the skills needs of the aviation maintenance sector.

The Training Package itself is “maintained” by a Skills Service Organisation (SSO) called IBSA. This involves ensuring the training is still relevant to the industry and meets the current training standards set by the government. It includes monitoring the effectiveness of current training as well as forecasting the volume of training required by industry.

For the IRC to properly advise IBSA on changes necessary to ensure AME training is current and relevant the committee needs certain information from the industry. IBSA have produced an Industry Survey to assist the committee.

The intent of this survey is to provide advice to the Aerospace Industry Reference Committee (IRC) on current staffing levels and future training requirements within your industry. The survey will also inform the ’Industry Skills Forecast’ which the IRC will use to propose future training package development work.

This survey consists of two sections:

Section 1 covers general information about your industry.

Section 2 covers information about apprenticeships in your industry.

Please note: Participants of this survey and their respective contact details are covered under IBSA’s Privacy Policy and will not be passed onto a third party. All information will only be reported in the aggregate.

The survey itself takes between 5 and 10 minutes to complete, and whilst some of the questions are directed at organisations and may not seem relevant to individual LAMEs they can be answered N/A or Not sure and the rest of the survey completed.

Over the years we have received many anecdotal incidents of a decline in apprentice training standards. However, it is difficult to establish if this is in fact true, and if so to identify the best ways to address any shortcomings in the training. This survey is an opportunity to provide valid data that can assist in this area.

Additionally, there hasn’t been a great deal of work in the last decade to capture the technological changes in aircraft design and systems, as well as emerging maintenance trends such as ageing aircraft structures and new avionic suites and electrical systems. This survey provides an ideal opportunity for the people at the coalface to feedback this very important information to the IRC.

We are asking for your support to spend 5 to 10 minutes to run through the survey to assist the training sector to produce the highest quality training products the industry deserves.

The ALAEA has been impressed with the way IBSA has approached its role over the last few months and we look forward to some solid improvements to aviation training over the coming months and years.

The survey can be found by following this link



Steve Re

Technical Officer & Trustee

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