Just notifying everyone about a few changes to the ALAEA Executive team.


Our Executive is made up of elected Councillors (11) and Senior elected Officials (7). For 10 years the persons holding Senior Executive positions has not changed but as of last Friday our Assistant Federal Secretary Wayne Vasta has sought 6 months leave of absence from the role so he can dedicate more time to his growing family. After that time, he will re-assess matters and may or may not return. In the interim and until notified otherwise, Qantas Brisbane LAME Luke Murray will replace Wayne as the Assistant Federal Secretary. Luke has a vast wealth of experience in Industrial Relations and has been a champion of our cause particularly in becoming the first person in Australia to successfully prosecute a claim of illegal coercion under the Fair Work Act against a Qantas manager. The Executive have every confidence in Luke undertaking the new role.


With Luke moving up, his Qantas Councillor role will be occupied by Brisbane LAME Craig Hyde temporarily. He joins two other new Councillors, Mike Davies from Virgin Tech in Brisbane who was the only applicant for a second Virgin Councillor position and Brett McClenahan from Qantas Sydney who similarly was the only candidate for a vacant Qantas Councillor role. Another newly created position is that of a Councillor from the Helicopter sector. Two nominations were received for this position and the Australian Electoral Commission are running an election over the coming weeks. The full Executive as it stands today consists of –


Federal President – Paul Cousins Melbourne

Senior Vice President – Mike Weitenberg Brisbane

Vice President – Wesley Bell Melbourne

Federal Secretary – Steve Purvinas Melbourne

Assistant Federal Secretary – Luke Murray Brisbane

Trustee – Steve Re Sydney

Trustee – Mark Gant Sydney

Staff Councillor – Simon Locke Sydney

GA Councillor – John Alldis Sussex Inlet

Helicopter Councillor – to be advised

Qantas Aligned Regional Councillor (Jetstar) – Bob Toovey Newcastle

Non Aligned Regional Councillor – vacant

Virgin Councillor – Chris Tamblyn Brisbane

Virgin Councillor – Mike Davies Brisbane

Qantas Councillor – Brad Cox Sydney

Qantas Councillor – Matt Rea Brisbane

Qantas Councillor – Wayne Derndorfer Melbourne

Qantas Councillor – Craig Hyde Brisbane

Qantas Councilor – Pete Gill Perth

Qantas Councillor – Brett McClenahan Sydney


Steve Purvinas

Federal Secretary                    


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