Next week the ALAEA will be entering the Qantas Hangar facilities to meet with members to discuss a suspected breach of the Enterprise Agreement whereby Qantas had been paying out RDOs each year at single time when we consider the RDOs should have been paid out at double time.



Our first step will be to conduct feedback meetings at lunch and dinnertime as follows –


Mon 26th February Hangar 2 Lunch and Dinner meetings


Tues 27th February Hangar 3 Lunch and Dinner meetings


After each meeting, the ALAEA will be appointed a designated meeting place by Qantas (which we will advise members of on the day) where we will be interviewing members. At the interviews we will be asking members whether they would like to be represented by the ALAEA as we pursue payments at the appropriate rate for all RDOs that had been paid out over the previous six years. 


We will need to know whether you are opted in or out of flexi bank and roughly how many days you think may have been paid out in 2017 and the previous years.  I look forward to seeing you next week.


Steve Purvinas

Federal Secretary

Notice_004_2018_All Qantas BNE HM Members_RDO Payout Meetings