Members are advised that, to date, there have been nine Enterprise Agreem ent (EA) negotiation meetings over the last seven months with very little progress being made. We have been asking for the company to suppl y a draft EA since October 2015. To date HP has failed deliver a draft EA .


Hawke r Pacific East Sale EA meetings to date






2 July 20 15.

Sale V i.ctoria


4 August 20 15.

Sale Victoria


5 August 20 15.

Sale V ictoria


25 August 20 15

Sale Victoria


26 August 20 15

Sale Victoria


6 October 2015

Sale Victoria


20 October 20 15

Sale Victoria


10 December 20 15.

Sale Victoria


11 Febmruy 20 16

Sale Victori a

Another date for a next meeting on 23 Febmaty 2016 has been set.


In all l ikelihood we could have an other 9 meetings over another 7 months and the result would be similar. In the ALAEA’s opinion HP are merely stalling and delaying the negotiations to deny members benefits such as future wage mcreases.


It is therefore necessruy to move towards making application to the Fair Work Comnlission (FWC) for a Protected Industrial Action Ballot Order (PIA Ballot) which is a secret vote of whether members are willing to take legal, protected industria l action.


In order for a PIA ballot to occur the following steps need to take place for ALAEA members;


  1. Members need to be financial members ofthe Associat ion.


  1. Cunent details need to be recorded at the ALAEA Federal office -that is your nam e, postal address, homemember ship@ala   or phone 02 9554 9399.
  2. email address and mobile phon e number. To update your details contact th e ALAEA Federa l office that is your nam e, postal address, homemember ship@ala   or phone 02 9554 9399.
  3. Upon Instruction from ALAEA members the union makes application to FWC for a PLA ballot.
  4. Once the FWC approves the PIA ballot, the Australian Electoral Commission then mails the ballot to members for a vote within a set timeframe (usually 14 to 21 days).
  5. Members need to post back their vote to AEC at least 4 days prior to ballot closing
  6. A majority of members need to register a valid vote and a majority of those who vote need to approve for PIA to be authorised. Once the Electoral Commission has declared the vote (if in the affilmative) then the ALAEA is obligated to provide HP with 3 working days’ notice of when and what types of action or actions are planned to take place.


Any PIA must be taken with in 30 days ofthe Electora l Commiss ion declaring a valid vote otherwise the whole voting process bas to occur again. AJso; if, for example, there are four different types of PIA on the ballot and only two types are taken within the 30 day period, then the other two fall away and the two sets of PIA engaged are maintained.


Members are advised that HP are also entitled to engage in industrial action against employees after the ALAEA has provided notice of PIA to the company. The company actions against employees may include lockouts, or docking of pay for any action taken by members.


The ALAEA is providing this information not to scare people into submission . Infact the opposite is the case. We inform members of these facts so we go into any PIA campaign prepared and with our eyes wide open.


Members need to expect the unexpected once we go down the path ofPlA.


The ALAEA shall operate within the parameters of the law (the Fair Work Act 2009) at all times therefore it is

extremely important that members strictly adhere to the advice and information provided to you by the Association.









Brad Stewart


National Union Organiser


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