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Just an update on the leave burn Right of Entry case.  The final day of the hearing will be held today in the Federal Court in Sydney where the ALAEA Barrister and the Qantas Barrister will have one hour each to summarise why they should be successful.  Success for the ALAEA should see release of the documents we need to build a full case with a view to having leave returned.  If Qantas win and the judge determines that some technical error occurred as we tried to obtain documents, it will most likely stand as nothing more than a set of instructions for us to enter again and get the documents.


I was grilled by the company Barrister for nearly two hours on Tuesday.  He had another crack for a couple of hours yesterday and I don’t feel like he made any gains with his extensive and often repeated line of questioning.  Chris Tobin and Nick Saunders were then cross examined for an hour each yesterday.  Assistant Federal Secretary Luke Murray, Councillors Rod Wyse and Chris Burleigh and I watched Tobin and Saunders seem to contradict each other with the answers in relation to how the leave burn figures were reached.


The Judge declared that the parties would be required to each submit a final written outline of their cases, a document I am certain kept our Lawyers busy creating until well after midnight last night.  They get their final say on the matter this morning.  A copy of the ALAEA and Qantas final submissions is attached.




Steve Purvinas

Federal Secretary


See below attachments

Notice_002_2018_All Qantas Members_Leave Burn Right of Entry case Update

2018.02.14 Applicant_s supplementary submissions

SEALED Qantas ats ALAEA – Outline of Final Submissions