AC 66-08 Licence Privileges Further Q and A’S

Members,   The recent articles about the new AC 66-08 Part 66 aircraft engineer licences have generated several more enquiries regarding licence coverage and certification for specific tasks. In summary the enquiries were about:   Motor driven actuators in...

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Follow on from AC 66-08 Licence Privileges News Post

Members, After publishing our post about the new AC 66-08 Part 66 aircraft engineer licences we received a couple of questions in relation to the privileges of Category A and Category B1 LAMEs with respect to Avionic System maintenance. Specifically, we were asked if...

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AC 66 – 08 Licence Privileges

It has been almost a decade since CASR Part 66 Licences were introduced and it would be a huge understatement to say there has been one or two questions asked about the privileges and scope of the licence categories in that time.

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Updating of Membership Details

Please ensure your Membership details are kept up to date by contacting the ALAEA Membership office. i.e updating your phone details, address changes, workplace changes etc If you wish to update your credit card details we prefer this is done over the telephone. ALAEA...

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ALAEA Member Update

Dear ALAEA Members, With so much going on, it is difficult to articulate everything into an email update. Below is a brief update from across our industry. We shall continue to utilise Face Book live videos and emails for specific work groups as information comes to...

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Safety Message – Aircraft Parking Procedures

Aircraft Engineers International (AEI) is a collective of Licenced Aircraft Engineering associations from around the world. The ALAEA is a founding member and is affiliated to AEI. Reports are already being received by AEI of errors that have occurred regarding...

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