Members are advised that the JETSTAR AIRWAYS ENGINEERING & MAINTENANCE ENTERPRISE AGREEMENT 2013, has a nominal expiry date of 23 April 2017.


Accordingly, as a result of feedback to ALAEA councillor/reps from members in regard to upcoming negotiations for a new EA, the following Log of Claims was recently developed;


  1. 5% salary increase per annum with a 3 years duration for new EA. 
  2. Sick Leave to be increased to 110 hours in line with Qantas.
  3. Time in Lieu to be increased to 46 hours to reflect 6 days rostered off each year on average.
  4. Staff travel on-load to be same as Qantas Engineering.
  5. Redundancy payments to be increased to a more acceptable rate. First 2 years = 4 weeks per year, 3 to 8 years 2 weeks per year, 9 to 20  years 3 weeks per year, 21 to 40 years 4 weeks per year. Capped at 104 weeks. Over 45 years old the same plus 25%,if made redundant in first 10 years.
  6. A concise list of authorised hotels world-wide. The standard shall be equal to Mercure Standard within the Accor Group. Accommodation to be on par with Tech Crew.
  7. Scrap the current bonus system and have a clearer more transparent scheme, i.e. Company declared profit of $100M then bonus of 3%, profit of $200M then bonus of 4%, etc.
  8. Years of service bonus/retention scheme.
  9. Overtime leave bank.
  10. Duty Travel to be confirmed business class where a business class seat is available.
  11. Travel time regarding International Travel.
  12. Termination Notice to be increased on completion of 10 years-service to 10 weeks notice.
  13. Training allowance of $10k over the life of the EA and agreed training selection criteria, similar to Virgin Tech.
  14. Removal of time and a half clause for new starters. (First 2 years) 
  15. Recognition of workplace representatives and paid company time to perform legitimate ALAEA work. ALAEA notice boards in meal rooms or appropriate section and 6 days paid trade union training leave per calendar year.
  16. Amenities – Meal rooms to be supplied by Jetstar for engineering employees with coffee, tea, boiling water, milk, sugar/sweetener/tables/chairs/microwave ovens/TVs. 
  17. 20 days paid family violence leave in addition to all other personal leave. 
  18. Jetstar engineers to receive first preference for promotion and training. 
  19. Compensation for the introduction of NEO.

Over the next few weeks up to early March, it is proposed that the ALAEA conduct roadshows/mass meetings across Jetstar bases for members, to discuss and conduct ballots in relation to the above claims.  It is proposed the mass meetings be held in the meal rooms on site.  The ALAEA wrote to Jetstar yesterday requesting paid mass meetings on site.

Another notice in relation to roadshows/members mass meetings will be distributed shortly advising members of dates/times/venues.


 Brad Stewart      


National Union Organiser                                                               


 Notice_003_2017_Jetstar_EA Log of Claims