The app contains many functions in a simple to use format.  Some of them are explained below.


Reporting – Members can now submit anonymous reports of things they see that are of concern to our industry.  The function allows you to take photos of things such as Tech Log reports where Pilots had clearly overstepped the mark by performing maintenance in unmanned ports or rosters that do not meet industrial or fatigue policies.  There is an option for you to add your contact details if you like but unless that is selected, the valuable information will go into our files without anyone knowing the source. 


Contacts – There is a comprehensive list of local Reps and their contact details should you need to get local assistance.  If you have an emergency situation out of hours, the app will send an sms to myself and two others from the office so immediate assistance can be offered.


Notices – When the ALAEA release a new notice, it will be available via the app (as well as traditional methods) and the app will send an instant notification that something has been released.


Links – There are links to all sorts of handy areas such as weather radars, jobs that are available, taxation calculators, ALAEA Executive members, current pay Agreements, Aviation news and our facebook page.


UTC clock – For those of you who struggle to calculate UTC time when certifying log entries, just open the app and both local and UTC time will be displayed wherever you may be working.


To download the application from the Apple store simply do a search for alaea and it will be the download at the top of the list.  Please try it out and let us know if you think features could be improved or added to.


Steve Purvinas

Federal Secretary


Notice_010_2017_ALAEA APP Now in Apple App Store