The ALAEA met with Qantas yesterday to re-commence EA11 negotiations for the first time since March 2020.


The ALAEA requested this meeting and it was disappointing. Scott McConnell, Executive Manager of Qantas Engineering was not there to take part. While some members have been hoping for significant progress with Qantas only allocating one hour, the meeting turned out to be little more than an affirmation of position.


The ALAEA maintained that our original Log of Claims remains on the table. We emphasized that the impact of some claims have changed significantly with changes in the business since negotiations began, such as our wage structure claim since over 300 people took redundancy since our last meeting.


Qantas put forward the Group wage policy 2 year wage freeze and 2% pa as a general position and reserved their position to a broader agenda in the new year.


The group agreed to schedule 2 meetings in the New Year to progress negotiations.


Peter Gill

Acting Federal Secretary

Notice _012_2021_Qantas Members EA11 Meeting Update