Vote in the Jetstar PIA Ballot, Vote Yes in the Jetstar PIA Ballot


The AEC will commence sending out Ballot Papers today for the Jetstar Protected Industrial Action (PIA) Ballot.


It is critical that every member possible votes to ensure the Ballot is valid.


The EA Negotiating Team and the ALAEA recommend members vote Yes to the PIA Ballot. It is important to send a clear message to the company that their position is not acceptable. The ALAEA still hopes to avoid having to take industrial action and we believe a clear YES vote may bring the company back to the negotiating table with a serious offer without the need to take PIA.


0,0,2,2% is unacceptable to LAME’s. 0,0,2,2% is unacceptable to anyone. We are able to draw on our experience at other Qantas Group negotiations to see the same behaviour mirrored by the Jetstar negotiating team thus far. We don’t need to put the Jetstar LAME’s through the same process for the next couple of years only to find ourselves in the same position.


CPI is currently 5%. The company’s proposal would continue, and accelerate the backwards trend of LAME wages.


The company’s wage claim of 0,0,2,2%is an Ambit Claim and does nothing to recognise the increase in productivity of LAME’s and the shortfall in our workforce.


The Qantas Group now has less debt than prior to Covid, has delivered bonuses to Executives, placed orders for new aircraft, bought new airlines and travel companies. But at the negotiating table times are tough. They refuse to acknowledge that LAME’s are well aware how tough times have been having spent significant parts of the Covid Period stood down on no pay.

The time is right to reward their staff.


Vote in the PIA Ballot. Vote YES in the PIA Ballot.





Peter Gill

Assistant Federal Secretary

Australian Licenced Aircraft Engineers Association (ALAEA)


Ph: +61 419 494437


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