ALAEA Federal Election Results


Thank you to members who took the time to have their say on the ALAEA Executive to serve them for the next 4 years. The Ballots have closed and been counted and Chris Tamblyn (Virgin BNE) is your Senior Vice President along with Steve Purvinas being re-elected to remain your Federal Secretary. The Executive would like to thank the outgoing Senior Vice President Michael Weitenberg for his service to our industry on your Executive team for some 18 years.


Your Federal Executive for the next four years has hit the ground running and we look forward to continuing the fight against the race to the bottom in our industry.


Steve Purvinas – Federal Secretary                                                           Rod Wyse – Federal President

Peter Gill – Assistant Federal Secretary                                                   Chris Tamblyn – Senior Vice President

Wayne Derndorfer – Vice President

Steve Re – Trustee                                                                                       Mark Gant – Trustee


Chris Burleigh – General Aviation

Dean Fitzpatrick – Virgin Councillor                                                          Mike Davies – Virgin Councillor

Eddie Azzopardi – Qantas Councillor                                                        Kevin Baldacchino – Qantas Councillor

Steve Fotoulis – Qantas Councillor                                                           Pat Hildebrandt – Qantas Councillor

Mat Rea – Qantas Councillor                                                                     Michael Ward – Qantas Councillor



In Unity

Peter Gill

Acting Federal Secretary

Australian Licenced Aircraft Engineers Association (ALAEA)


Ph: +61 419 494437


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