Nominations are now open for the following vacancies on the ALAEA Federal Executive; 


Federal Executive 


  • Assistant Federal Secretary (1) 


Federal Executive Councillors 


  • Councillor Helicopter Sector (1) 
  • Councillor Qantas controlled or aligned Regional Airlines (1) 
  • Councillor Regional Airlines (1) 
  • Councillor General Aviation Operators and/or airlines other than Qantas controlled or aligned Airlines or Regional Airlines or Virgin Australia (1) 
  • Councillor Staff Classifications (1) 
  • Councillor Qantas Airlines (1) 


The Election Notice and Nomination form an be downloaded from the ALAEA website or from the Australian Electoral Commission website Electoral event details • Electoral Event Portal (  






Peter Gill 


Acting Federal Secretary 

Notice_004_2021_Casual Vacancy Elections