Virgin Tech (VT) members would be aware that the new EA approved by the FWC comes into force today (12Feb2021). There are clauses in the EA including clause 23 Covid Recovery Provisions that appear to have not been implemented from the start of the new EA. We are aware that while in some areas staff are being engaged on full hours, in other areas staff are on minimal hours and others still stood down with no end in sight.


The ALAEA has made enquiries about VT management’s plan to move to the terms of clause 23 and they have advised that VT is still operating under clause 69 Stand Down, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.


The ALAEA is sympathetic to the position VT is in with the recovery and the unforeseen continuing impact of Covid-19 and border closures, but we are wary of possible misuse of stand down provisions across the industry.


The ALAEA have been in discussions with management over the last few days and we expect discussions to continue in an attempt to move towards the terms in clause 23 and a successful recovery for VT.


Peter Gill


Acting Federal Secretary

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