Just a reminder that the CASA consultation responses for a proposed change to maintenance rules for aircraft other than Air Operations closes today.


We received a very good response to the survey we put out in early January and we will be compiling an official ALAEA response to include those replies.


One thing we noted from the responses was that many people thought that the changes wouldn’t affect them so although they had some strong and valid opinions about the merits of the proposed changes they were not intending on using the CASA online response page to make an official submission. We would like to highlight that the changes as proposed are far reaching and could possible affect many more LAMEs and Maintenance organisations than it appears on the surface.


Another view we noted was a number of people indicated they weren’t going to respond to CASA because they didn’t think it would make a difference and CASA wouldn’t listen anyway. We say that CASA listens to numbers. Each point you raise needs to addressed before they can move forward.      


Other retired members indicated they shouldn’t respond because they no longer worked in the industry. We say your opinions and experience are just as valid as those still active and CASA would welcome your contributions.


CASA received approximately 90 submissions when they first floated the plan to introduce FAR 43 into Australia. Most of these would have been from people that had been watching the space closely and were waiting for an opportunity to make a submission. A response rate of 90 from the entire industry is low, but CASA used the results from these 90 submissions to drive the next steps to the proposal put out in early December. The responses we have received from our members tell a different story and it is very important that CASA receives as many responses as possible to give them a more accurate view from the industry.


NOTE : And finally, to those who are intending to make a last minute contribution or who already have we have noted there is an error in the documentation published on the CASA website in relation to the proposal for the expansion of B1 privileges. Policy Topic 4 on the official CASA summary of the proposal clearly identifies CASA wish to extend B1 privileges to cover all avionic maintenance on the aircraft and only require task training on type rated aircraft. This is not contained in the consultation response survey explanation. This says that a B1 privileges will be reduced and not cover Electrical maintenance. This is incorrect and CASA has confirmed they intend to expand the B1 to full 5 categories.

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