We have had the opportunity to attend the first online event held by CASA for Questions and Answers in relation to the proposed Part 43 for General Aviation.

The 1 hour set aside for both the presentation and follow up questions ended up being way short of that required and was extended by an additional 30 minutes, which still left unanswered questions.

It is really important for LAMEs and Maintenance Organisations involved in General Aviation to get involved with these sessions and ask the appropriate questions. CASA have added 2 additional online sessions for this Friday and next Thursday.

Some important issues for you to consider –

  • Is what is being put up as an equivalent of the US FARs actually equivalent in terms of safety and quality? If not, what has been left out and why?
  • If I want to maintain the same standards as a maintenance organisation as I do today, how will this affect my organisation in terms of cost and competition from lower qualified Independants?
  • How will this affect my customers and the LAMEs I currently employ?
  • What Insurance will I need as either a standard B1 or B2 LAME, signing on behalf of myself – who is providing it, and how much will it cost?
  • What Insurance will I need as either a B1 or B2 LAME with an Inspection Authorisation (taking on the Registered Owners responsibilities for ensuring airworthiness), and signing on behalf of myself – who is providing it, and how much will it cost?
  • Part 66 has standards for a LAME before they certify maintenance requiring competency assessment. Part 43 doesn’t require an exam for before certifying Type rated aircraft. How is safety maintained?

We urge you to book a spot and either ask your question or review what others are raising before you repond to the CASA consultation survey.

We will be providing updates before consultation closes.

The details of upcoming sessions are:


• Friday 3 June  – online webinar
• Wednesday 8 June – information session Cairns
• Wednesday 15 June – information session Parafield
• Thursday 16 June – online webinar




Steve Re

Technical Officer