Dear ALAEA Members,


We are all thinking of our Virgin comrades at this very difficult time. Please know that your ALAEA is doing everything we can to support you guys. We are in this fight together, and it is far from over. We shall endeavour to get information out to you as it comes to hand. I appreciate not everyone is on Facebook, but it really is the best way to communicate in this rapidly changing environment. Great work Virgin guys on your video sessions, keep them coming.


JobKeeper- update- please see attached document from our legal team. In short, we see no valid reason not to sign the ATO JobKeeper form.


For Qantas Group members, we have sought clarification on the ability to use DIL’s and Z days. We have been informed that you are able to utilise these options as normal. We are led to believe that comms will come out from the company to confirm this.


We have also requested Qf review their position to allow people to nominate for extended periods of stand down. This is to allow greater flexibility in case someone requires 2-3 months or more to secure additional employment or if someone is in a financial position to take extended periods off work, which would enable someone who really needs to be working, to do so in their place.


We shall also be seeking to get the pay period fortnights aligned with the JobKeeper fortnights.

It has come to our attention that there are numerous payroll discrepancies, and it is proving very difficult to get these issues remedied. We have formed a team from within the executive to review the errors to solve common mistakes. We plan to get back to you all with the outcomes as they evolve. It is still prudent to lodge your query with your respective Qantas Group Payroll department.


The ALAEA would also respectfully request that if you are stood down, you continue to pay your membership fees unless there are extenuating circumstances and you offer supporting evidence therein. Currently, our resources are stretched to the limit, many of us do this work with no remuneration, our employed staff are working around the clock to get the best possible outcomes for the collective. We are literally all in this together. For the sake of the cost of a cup of coffee each day, help us support you.


There is also a lot of work happening in the background to construct a mental health support network and resource within the ALAEA for all of our members to utilise. Further details will be made available very soon.


Kind Regards,



Rodney Wyse

Federal President

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