Please be advised we have had to again cancel the proposed TSS briefings in Melbourne on the 25th and Brisbane on the 26th of October planned in support of EA11 negotiations.

Throughout the negotiations the company has consistently followed a practice of providing last minute release for staff to attend these briefings. In addition to this, they have rejected travel requests from company employed union representatives to attend feedback sessions to staff in other ports. The reason provided for denying travel for your representatives is that ‘austerity measures are now in place within the company and all non-essential duty travel is cancelled’. This is despite the record 1.6 billion dollar profit announced by the company and is at odds with the ludicrous executive management bonuses.

It is disappointing for an airline to split hairs over duty travel for these important meetings. It is the position of the ALAEA and the other unions party to this agreement that the company should cover reasonable travel requests associated with the EA negotiation process. This includes engaging with the members in support of building our log of claims and providing regular feedback on the progress.

We will advise if and when the company adopts a more reasonable approach.

Going forward we are continuing to engage with the company in good faith to ensure members views are represented during the bargaining period. In order to facilitate this we will be releasing a member survey to capture the issues important to you. As the TSS Enterprise Agreement covers diverse workgroups we ask that you fill out the survey thoroughly to ensure the views of your workgroup are captured.



Glynn Sowter

ALAEA Industrial Officer