It has been almost a decade since CASR Part 66 Licences were introduced and it would be a huge understatement to say there has been one or two questions asked about the privileges and scope of the licence categories in that time.

In early 2018 CASA convened a Technical Working Group (TWG) consisting of members of the industry and CASA participants to review Part 66 and move towards implementing solutions to the multitude of issues that had been identified. The process and timeline to make physical changes to the regulations and Manuals of Standards is a drawn out affair and in the interim CASA has worked with the TWG to produce a new Advisory Circular (AC) containing guidance and advice in relation to Part 66 Licence privileges.


AC66-08 v 1.0 was published last month.


The AC provides guidance on the certification privileges of each category of licence including clarification and the regulatory intent on;


  • Work performed in Avionic systems
  • Simple Tests and the “10 Action” limitations for category B1
  • LRU replacements
  • Specialised Test Equipment
  • NDI privileges with respect to Liquid Penetrant Inspections
  • Composite Structures – including the definitions of, the inspection and repair of, and Certification Authorisation requirements for maintenance
  • Category A tasks and maintenance in Mechanical and Powerplant systems covered by category B2 
  • Transitional privileges of CAR31 licences

Along with a history of the transition from CAR31 to Part 66 the AC provides useful general information including the table of ATA chapter designations and licence exclusions and where to locate specific information in the regulations and MOS.

At the end of the Advisory Circular three flow charts have been included to assist LAMEs to determine the appropriate licence category for work about to be performed or certified.

If you or your colleagues have questions about whether or not the work you are about to do is covered under your licence the AC is a good first point of reference to assist you. If you are still unsure you should contact CASA or the Association (or both) to seek clarification.

Follow the link to download the AC. We recommend having a copy at hand in the workplace for ready reference.   


AC 66-08 v1.0


Stay Safe, Stay Compliant



Steve Re