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*** Note:   Aviation Australia offer financial ALAEA members a 10% discount on most courses providing enrolment is confirmed at least three weeks prior to the start date. For all latest course information see the details, as available, on our homepage ***

Enrolments open in Victoria 

Enrolments are still open for CASR Part 66 B1 licence E1, E4, E5 Exclusion Removal Training in Melbourne.

The first Melbourne theory course commences on Monday 4 September 2017
(4 weeks duration, fee $4,450) followed by the practical training on Monday 2 October 2017 (2 weeks duration, fee $3,000) in Brisbane.


Engineers who are residents of Victoria and meet the criteria may be eligible for Victorian State Government ‘Skills First’ funding towards MEA50215 Diploma of Aeroskills (Mechanical); this would reduce the theory fee from to $4,450 to $3,610.

For eligibility assessments and applications under ‘Skills First’ please contact Adrian Lane.

For those who are not eligible then please click here.

Expressions of interest are also open for the transfer of existing apprentices or to commence training for new apprentices in Victoria. Diploma and Certificate IV courses are now available. Diploma outcomes will be assessed utilising Part 66 module exams contributing towards a Licencing outcome. Subsidies will be available for candidates who qualify for ‘Skills First’ Program funding, please contact Adrian Lane for more information. Email: Phone: 0417 547 823


For more information please click here

Aviation Australia offers complete and portable world-class technical and technical support training solutions for individuals and companies alike, always with a dedicated focus on professionalism, innovation, team-work and quality.

Part 66 Programs
•    EASA Part 66 (Europe)
•    CASR Part 66 (Australia)

Type Training & Licensing
•    A319/A320/A321 (V2500) B1/B2 Type Course
•    Beechcraft King Air/PT6 Interface
•    Boeing 737NG (CFM56) B1/B2 Type Course
•    Dash 8 100/200/300 B1.1
•    Dash 8 100/200/300 B2
•    Part 66 B1 Conversion Theory
•    Part 66 B2 Conversion Practical

Short Courses
•    Effective Leadership in Maintenance
•    Composite Repair Techniques
•    Part 145 EASA Awareness
•    Electro Static Discharge Awareness
•    Aviation Logistics – Goods Receipt and Dispatch
•    Revised Vertical Separation Minima (RVSM)
•    Part 145 Fuel Tank Safety
•    Category II-III (all weather operations)
•    Required Navigation Performance
•    Environmental Work Practices
•    Implement and Monitor Environmental Work Practices
•    Aviation Legislation (CASA)
•    Part 145 Awareness Training
•    Part 145 Human Factors Training

Skills Recognition
•    Certificate II in Aircraft Line Maintenance (A Category Licence)
•    Certificate IV in Aeroskills
•    Diploma of Aeroskills (B Category Licence)
•    Removal of Exclusions for CASR 66

For more information on available courses, course dates and pricing you can contact Aviation Australia directly on (+61) 7 3860 0900 or visit 

TAFE NSW – Padstow

The ALAEA is now accepting expressions of interest for enrolments for a third B1 Exclusion Removal Course offered by Padstow TAFE.

The cost is as advertised $3500 for members and AMEs and $5,500 for non-members.

A draft classroom schedule has been prepared by TAFE NSW and is due to commence on the 16th of October 2017 in a modular format.

The final go-ahead for the course will depend on minimum numbers.

By enrolling now you will secure your spot, receive immediately – Course Material, OJT – Journal for Practical Experience which you can start filling out now. The RPL interview will be held on the orientation day.

What do I need to do?

Email the ALAEA at to confirm your interest. You’ll receive an invoice, direct debit form and you’ll need to complete the TAFE NSW enrolment process. Once payment arrangements are finalised you’ll receive your course pack.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering
B1.1 ‘E1&4 and E5’ removals
Suggested Attendance Pattern for 2017/2018

Class Times Monday – Friday
Classes Start 0900
Lunch 1200-1230
Classes End 1530

16 October 2017
E1 DC Inductors and Capacitors (12 hours)
17 October to the 18th October 2017 Exam date 18 October, time 1pm

E2 AC theory 1 (30 Hours)
23rd to the 27th October 2017 Exam date 27 October, time 1pm

E3 AC theory 2 (30 Hours)
6th to the 10th November 2017 Exam date 10 November, time 1pm

E4 Analogue Fundamentals (15 Hours)

20th to the 22th November 2017 (12am finish) Exam date and time
22th November, 10am.

E5 Electrical Power and Lighting (30 Hours)

5th to the 9th February 2018
Exam date and time 9th February, 1pm.

E6 Digital Techniques (30 Hours)

19th to the 23rd February 2018 Exam date and time 23rd February 1pm.

E7 Instrument Systems (18 Hours)

5th to the 9th March 2018
Exam date and time 9th March, 1pm.

E8 Electronic and Digital Aircraft Systems (18 Hours)
19th to the 21st March 2018 Exam date and time 21st March, 1pm.

E9 Aircraft Communication and navigation Systems (30 Hours)
3rd to the 6th April 2018
Exam date and time 6th April, 1pm.

E10 Soldering and Crimping Practical (if required) (12 Hours)
11 to the 12th April 2018
Exam date and time Practical assessment.

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