After careful consideration of the activities of the Association and the associated costs, the ALAEA Federal Executive has made the decision to adjust membership fees. The decision was made to ensure the provision of existing levels of service to the membership and to allow for future improvements.


The previous increase to membership fees occurred over 8 years ago in July 2014. Since that time the Association has absorbed most of the increased costs from inflation and reduced membership fee income, particularly during the Pandemic stand downs. 


Your membership fees provide the funds to employ Membership, Industrial and Legal staff to advise, assist and represent members and representatives on day-to-day employment matters. They allow us to engage in industry and political consultation to ensure Industrial, WHS and Aviation Safety Laws are preserved or improved. They also provide the best legal representation for you if something goes wrong in the line of your work. Your fees also provide the much needed physical and IT infrastructure to support these activities.


ALAEA membership also provides access to a fund to assist your loved ones if the worst happens to you and provides access to the member advantage discounts program. Additional benefits are planned for early in the new year.


From 1 January 2023 the new fees will be as follows:


  • Airlines – $25 per week
  • Regional – $22 per week
  • General Aviation – $15 per week


At the recent Federal Conference, fee increases were discussed with the attending delegates. The delegates made a strong recommendation that a regime of regular increases be implemented, to ensure the Association’s financial position remained strong on an ongoing basis.  


The ALAEA remains committed and proactive to attaining the best outcomes for our members and providing the best service possible.

I hope, as has been the case in the past, many members will have a look at the new membership rates and consider that their money is well spent. I also hope members will continue to agree that ongoing membership comes as second nature to persons employed in the Australian Aviation Industry.


Steve Purvinas

Federal Secretary


Notice_023_2022_Membership fees