Today Qantas ALAEA Executives met with Qantas Management to progress negotiations around EA 11.

Most of the discussions were focused around the LAME Pay Structure Proposal, which as you can appreciate is the integral component of this EA.

The ALAEA Executive presented the proposed re-structure to your ALAEA reps across the country last Wednesday in order to get feedback and ensure we are on the right path. As expected, many questions ensued, and by all accounts positive and constructive comments were received.

Similarly, Qantas management appeared receptive to the simpler pay structure that was presented today.

Please be mindful that the current proposal is a concept and much of the detail around Superannuation still needs to be clarified.

We will meet again with the company on the 9th January 2019 and for 2 days on the 29/30th January. In the meantime, your Exec reps, Mark Gant, Chris Burleigh and Brett McClenahan will continue collating data and will also meet with a Qantas Superannuation expert.

Please find attached document outlining the new pay structure.

Direct questions to your reps or email

Rod Wyse
Federal President

Notice_028_2018_QF Members_EA Meeting 3 Update



LAME Pay Structure Proposal EA 11


  • 5 Levels of remuneration
  • 5 Year progression increments between levels
  • Progression through years of service as a LAME only
  • Levels represented as an hourly rate
  • Nil quotas
  • Training/type courses attract no additional payment
  • Nil loss of pay during transition
  • Nil customer payments
  • Removal of trade-streaming (B1/B2)
  • Removal of post 1996 day shift penalties clause
  • Supervisory allowances still apply with minimum levels:
    • Senior LAME – Minimum Level 3
    • Supervisor – Minimum level 4
    • DMM – Minimum level 5
  • Consolidation of allowances in EA into pay levels including:
    • PCT/Cert 4 Trainer allowance
    • EASA Conversion/recognition, A380 and Jetstar allowances
    • Disability allowances
  • Aggregate wage to apply:
    • Nil loss of pay on LSL
    • Nil loss of pay on sick leave
    • Superannuation
    • Redundancy payments
  • Fuel Tank Entry allowance to remain at increased rate