Recently the ALAEA received the following message from Qantas Engineering Industrial Relations Manager, Peter Smith, titled A330 Network Changes and Ground Time:



Network has made some changes to the A330 flying pattern which will take effect from 12 November 2018 until mid March 2019.  The result of these temporary changes is that we’ll have additional natural ground time available in Sydney, Brisbane and Singapore for the A330 fleet. 


The business intends to use this additional ground time to clear MEL/Hold items and other ad hoc maintenance programs. I understand that these programs are all in addition to current work demands. 


Please let me know if you would like to discuss and arrangements with relevant management will be made.



We immediately wrote back to Qantas seeking further details about the network changes, mindful that Qantas are obligated to consult with the ALAEA as per the attached contracting out protocols.  We meet with the airline yesterday and they explained the further detail as follows:


  • Some A330 flights would revert to 738; leaving more ground time for A330s in Syd, Bne and Sin.
  • A330 work will increase in Sydney on Monday and Friday.
  • A330 work will include an additional check in Brisbane one day per week.
  • Sin will do some work but Qantas confirmed that no A-checks are planned.
  • A380 transitional checks have been pushed back until April to free up labour for the additional A330 work.


We have sought more comprehensive details from the airline in relation to the network changes and upcoming planned mods.  The ALAEA has also flagged our intention to adhere strictly to the EA-underpinned contracting out protocols should any existing work be considered for a move to another location and that, as per the protocols, Australian products/services should be the prime consideration when planning future work.


Steve Purvinas

Federal Secretary

Notice_027_2018_Qantas Members_Outsourcing of Some Line Checks