Members in some sections have started contacting the ALAEA to say that their leave applications are not being processed by Qantas as they have not been submitted via the Deputy system. Consultation regarding Deputy is still ongoing  and the ALAEA has serious concerns over use of this invasive program.  To date Qantas have refused to supply us the specific terms and conditions of Deputy and members should continue to apply for leave as they always have, on hand written application forms, unless contrary advice comes from the ALAEA. 


The ALAEA is in possession of the terms and conditions applying to “authorised users” of Deputy (employees) and those conditions, whether agreed by members at the time, or later by Qantas on your behalf, waive many of members rights;  including some protected by laws.  An example of what Deputy can do to Qantas employees was submitted to the ALAEA via our anonymous reporting app on the weekend. The individual that made the submission stated that a Qantas AME he knew had read and accepted the deputy email on his Iphone and the following had happened:



In the next few weeks the phone began to randomly ring contacts while locked. It also requested password changes. He submitted the device to Apple who informed him he had accepted changes to the system accounts. This had occurred when he clicked a link from the QF Deputy acceptance email, he gave QF control of the phone which changed his settings and overwrote his personal Apple id with a QF id including creating a new Apple iCloud account . The phone location tracking was now permanently on, he was unable to alter system settings and his passwords were also replaced. (The device became a company clone like their iPads). Apple had to wipe the phone using their engineering software to return it to factory defaults. Due to the change in iCloud account all cloud data after the phone was compromised was permanently lost. He did not have the Deputy App installed. Apple informed him this was also happening to McDonalds employees who were instructed to use Deputy.


Whilst this apparently happened to an AME it’s obviously an illustration of the same concerns facing our members.


Whilst Qantas are attempting to coerce employees to start using Deputy by refusing leave, employees still have rights to leave under Enterprise Agreements and the Fair Work Act.  The ALAEA advises all members to strictly follow the process below for all leave sought or already taken (e.g sick and carer’s leave).



1.  When you hand your leave form to Qantas this must in all cases be done with your DMM (or Check Coordinator for those in Brisbane Heavy). This is so the steps comply with the dispute settlement procedures of the Enterprise Agreements.  Do not submit written leave applications with Planners or Ops/other managers.


2. Hand the form to the DMM or  Check Coordinator and say the following words – 


  “I submit the following form for processing in accordance with my Enterprise Agreement.”


 3. If the DMM or Check Coordinator refuses to accept the form advise them that –


 “This matter is now in dispute and I will be escalating the matter via the ALAEA.”


4. Write the name of the DMM/ Check Coordinator in any blank area on the application form along with the reason they refused to take your leave application form.


5. Send a copy of the form to the ALAEA via one of the two methods below –


 a)  Take a photo of the form and email it to –

 b)  Use the ALAEA App “Report to ALAEA” function and submit as an “other” report to us.


 6. The ALAEA will submit the form and covering letter to Qantas management.



Just a final point to explain an excuse Qantas are using in an attempt the alleviate concerns raised by LAMEs. Qantas keep claiming that the use of Deputy is covered by the Qantas and Deputy Privacy Policies.  Privacy “Policies” are craftily named to make people think that the policy is there to protect their privacy.  This is not the case.


Privacy Laws protect privacy.  Privacy policies are designed to permit companies to bypass the Privacy Laws.


Steve Purvinas

Federal Secretary


Notice_024_2018_Qantas-LAME-Members_Qantas Processing of Leave Forms notice