Members should be aware that Qantas are in the process of introducing a new timekeeping system into Brisbane HM which we assume they may ultimately extend to all departments. It is called “Deputy” and records your movements electronically.


Our Bne Reps have held several meetings with management about this system and have been assured it will not be used for any sinister purpose. Despite the assurances, we still have privacy concerns and wonder what features could be activated later without our knowledge or if new managers are appointed to the facility.


The system will be installed on company iPads with an option for members to also download it onto personal phones. It uses location services, so you cannot clock on and off when you are at home as you need to be within a few hundred metres of the workplace to record your attendance.  Tests we have done show that the company can also use the location services function to see where you are outside work hours.  In our view, this is none of their business.  We can only assume the fun HR sycophants will have tracking staff on sick leave.


As Qantas roll out this new spy system members are instructed to take the following actions –


    • Never install Deputy on a personal device such as your private ph
    • If Qantas force this app onto your company iPad, see your ALAEA Rep immediately so you can disable location services together


It’s important that all members stick together and don’t fall into the trap of allowing this highly invasive tracking system to be implemented simply for the sake of convenience. Qantas will be installing fixed sign on devices at work for those not willing to allow personal tracking.  You should all use those devices and claim overtime for any period spent waiting to sign off should they decide to remove your normal sign on sheets.





Steve Purvinas

Federal Secretary


Notice_020_2017_All Qantas Members_Deputy Timekeeping