Yesterday the Australian Electoral Commission (“AEC”) issued a timeline for the Jetstar ALAEA member Protected Industrial Action (“PIA”) Ballot. The ballot will open on Thursday the 27th September; with paper ballot papers sent to ALAEA member home addresses. If you have moved recently you may have to check that the address on the ALAEA membership system matches your postal address by calling or emailing the office. The ballot will then close at 10AM on Wednesday the 17th of October.


Prior to a PIA ballot we often find that many non-members who are considering joining do so prior to the ballot. They often do this so they are not potentially forced into a situation where they are made to work as strikebreakers when ALAEA members are participating in lawful activities in an attempt to get everyone a better Enterprise Agreement outcome. New members will miss the ballot if they are not joined by the date the ALAEA is required to send material to the AEC. The ALAEA would also need 24 hours for the Federal Executive to approve new members.


The Cutoff date for new members and address changes for anyone who wishes to participate in the Protected Industrial Action ballot will be close of business on Wednesday the 19th of September 2018.


At the same time that ALAEA names are sent to the AEC, Jetstar must separately send the AEC a list with all their employees. The AEC cross-checks that names appear on both lists. Jetstar are not given, or able to see, any list of ALAEA members. This information remains private. Currently 136 of 176 Jetstar LAMEs are ALAEA members.


Engineers who originally signed an appointment form nominating a person other than the ALAEA to act as their bargaining representative for these negotiations but have switched to ALAEA representation must send an email to Maciek Zielinski at . The email must advise him the following – I revoke my appointment of xxxxx xxxxx as my bargaining representative for the current Enterprise Agreement negotiations and have changed my bargaining representative. You are not required to fill out a new bargaining agent form as the ALAEA has rights to automatic representation of members. Those who authorised another bargaining representative and do not send that revocation to Maciek will not be eligible to participate and may also have to work as strikebreakers.


The ballot is still a fair way off and plenty of more information will be released as required. Negotiations are continuing and hopefully no PIA will be required. However we need to be prepared now in case significant improvements are not made to the previous offer.


Steve Purvinas

Federal Secretary






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