Hi guys,


Meetings have concluded and we have an in-principle agreement. We haven’t given away too much although taking 2% wage rises does add significant benefit to the company.  Apart from that we have secured plenty of good things that will certainly give those who have fallen behind with the new licencing system an equal footing and nobody will lose licence payments for retiring aircraft.  FRCs will remain secured within the Agreement including on new aircraft types.  Everyone will be offered type training from 1 Jan next year until the Agreement ends including those AMEs who gain all their basics.


There will be 2 extra days off per year for those who get (or apply to have) their leave balances below 150 hours.  Some of the course selection list rules have been tightened and a clause added for unusual circumstances.  A full list of company wins, ALAEA wins and an explanation of the new wage classification levels appears below.  We will try and get to as many ports as possible to run meetings over the coming weeks.  Voting likely to commence around the end of this month.



Steve Purvinas


Company Gains Explanation

  • 2% pa over 4 years – The 2% increase will be on salary and all allowances.  This represents a significant saving to the company compared to 3%.
  • Can drop tarmac number by 2 for hangar work – This formalises a regular practice in Bne and Mel where the Senior can send some staff to the hangar.
  • Group facilitative clause – Allows company to propose a change to some specific EA clauses to win customer work.  Only comes into force if Team Members vote in favour of change.
  • Study Assistance over –  Study Assistance clause removed with any assistance reverting to company policy.
  • Training Bond increase – Training bond up to $12,500 from $10,000.  Does not apply if made redundant or leaving for medical reasons.
  • Day Worker rates – Inclusion in EA of new rate tables for employees who elect to move to a Mon-Fri dayshift.


ALAEA Member Gains Explanation

  • Type Training now defined as theory and practical training – This change is relevant to other gains made.
  • Can only drop tarmac number by 2 for hangar work – Currently the number the Senior can send to the hangar within the EA has no limit.  This will prevent the tarmac being overly undermanned.
  • FRC check retained on all aircraft – FRC check locked into EA for all VA aircraft at current intervals.  This includes formalisation of an FRC check on 737MAX.
  • Type Course guaranteed to all LAMEs and qualifying AMEs over life of Agreement – Clause replaces study assistance and will be available to all LAMEs plus AMEs who hold all basics or equivalent by 1 April 2019.
  • Type course guarantee to include any Team Member made redundant – Team Members who have not yet concluded their guaranteed Type Training and are made redundant, will remain employed until Type Training is completed.
  • LAMEs completing Type Training to be paid upon completion – Any company course will see automatic licence payment upon completion.  Exception being 737MAX where payments will be phased in as aircraft numbers increase.
  • 2 Extra days off per year – 2 Professional Development days accessible each year for Team Members who bring (or apply to) leave balance down to 120 hours.  Days can be used for any purpose.
  • Local overtime backfill at outstations – Up to half of an outstations leave backfill requirements can be met by local staff on overtime.
  • All B1R to be recognised as Full B1 by Agreement conclusion – Recognition of full B1 licences phased in.  April 2018 – 30 extra, April 2019 – 10 extra, April 2020 – 10 extra, April 2012 – unlimited.
  • 20 Additional 5 Cat upgrades – 5 x 5 Cat upgrades each April.
  • Redundant licence payments retained – Licence payment for any aircraft made redundant will remain until replaced.
  • 737MAX listed as new Type – Max to be included in recognised aircraft types for payment purposes.
  • 10-day Domestic violence leave Added to EA in line with company policy.
  • F100 licence to be excluded from course selection list drop – Team Members who had a F100 licence before commencing employment may activate licences without dropping to bottom of course selection list.
  • Unforeseen course selection negotiation clause – To avoid another A320 selection debate, unusual circumstances for courses to be negotiated by ALAEA and company.