The ALAEA Android App has now been released and can be downloaded from google play. This means that both Android and Apple users can download this handy tool that contains a number of features for members.  Apart from the many links to useful information, the app acts as another two-way communication tool between the members and our office. 

When a notice is issued, the app will send a notification to you to follow a link to view the new notice. This will mean better real-time distribution of information at times of necessity, a feature which will surely assist should members be in a protected industrial action situation.  There are also links to the contact details of all Reps and importantly, an out of hours emergency contact feature that sends an SMS immediately to two ALAEA staff and myself should assistance be needed when the office is closed.


Since we released the Apple version several weeks ago, members are using the various functions to update their own details and provide feedback about various aviation concerns. The reporting feature is something we hope members become accustomed to and use regularly.  So far, we’ve had over 20 reports of aviation breaches sent through via the app by members who can elect to anonymously report incidents for us to follow up. 


Building our file of aviation reports is an important task and allows us to approach CASA fully armed when seeking legislative protections. For example, earlier this year we complained that a Pilot reported that his TCAS display was showing aircraft 180 degrees out from their actual position, for each of his previous three sectors.  CASA showed little concern with the report and consider it more of a one off that a Pilot had forgotten to report it on the earlier sectors.  If we could throw 50 more examples of Pilots not reporting defects at CASA, it may force them to act instead of sweeping these concerns under the carpet. 


The reporting function isn’t only for reporting Pilots. We urge members to send us any anomaly they find, even if it is another LAME member who may have erred.  In nearly all cases, mistakes are a result of poor management or undue pressure being placed on people.  We’d rather be raising and addressing concerns with airlines and regulators before they cause damage to property or life.


We are already thinking of further features we could add to the app for stage two such as one suggestion sent in by a member (an MEL calculator). If you have any other ideas, please let us know.



Steve Purvinas

Federal Secretary

Notice_015_2017_All Members_ALAEA Android App