Hi all,


The Qantas Super Board elections are currently underway.  The ALAEA is supporting our Assistant Federal Secretary Luke Murray to be elected to the Board after a request for assistance from other unions.  Luke has a Masters degree in Accounting and is well equipped to replace Kash Gillies in this role.  The reasons we need him on the Board are explained hereafter.


There is a big push from the corporates to change the Qantas Super rules to prevent employee nominees sitting on the Board.  That is, rather than us elect Qantas Employees, they’d like to appoint Bankers and other socialites in their place and undoubtedly convert the Super fund from an independent body where profits are invested straight back into the fund to another arm feeding profits back into a bank or other entity. 


Other unions have their members sitting on the Board and the change is currently being prevented by having strong Employee Reps who will not get wined and dined and sucked into voting for this change.  We were asked to nominate someone from our union’s Executive ranks who is qualified, strong willed, experienced and will not break rank – hence Luke’s nomination.  The ALAEA Executive adopted a motion in support of Luke’s candidacy before nominations closed to support Luke’s election to this position and we urge all members to get online and ensure he fills the vacancy.



Steve Purvinas

Federal Secretary

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