Dear Member,

Further consultation with the Company regarding engineering redundancies took place via a teleconference on 12 May.

This session had originally been planned to be an in face meeting held in Perth but due to only a limited time allocation for the meeting it was changed to a teleconference. The arrangement was also flawed because the scheduling did not allow the direct participation of the EC reps. The issues covered were basically as was outlined in the latest power point update issued by the Company on the afternoon of 12 May. The pressure of the unions and EC for the Company to go through an EOI process for voluntary redundancy, various leave and touring options to mitigate the number of potentially forced redundancies has seen the original figure of 15 redundancies now significantly reduced. However the Company informed us on the teleconference that the current expectation is that five staff will still need to be made redundant by the end of June. The ALAEA suggests any member approached in the short term by the Company about a compulsory redundancy to contact your Union and the EC. Further consultation between the parties will be ongoing but the Company has now agreed to an in face consultation meeting in Perth on 23 June. As well as redundancy issues, the ALAEA intends raising a number of other issues to do with the application and operation of the new Engineering Enterprise Agreement.

Could members please send an email to me and the EC with details of EEA issues you would like to see put on the agenda for the meeting on 23 June. Examples of recent feedback suggest the conditions of engineers doing home based touring stints is one issue that needs to be fully clarified. The meeting on 23 June will also allow for discussion regarding the latest developments in relation to the withdrawal from service of the EC225 helicopters. In unity,

Noel Speers National Industrial Officer


Notice_012_2016_Bristow Members Update on Consultation Regarding Engineering Redundancies