On Wednesday 06 May 2015 the ALAEA attended the Fair Work Commission (FWC) and after a lengthy conference a positive result was achieved for all Jetstar ALAEA members.


Jetstar started out at the position that they did not need to tell us anything about the JANZ score or release it, and in fact did not even have to calculate it. Noel and Lincoln pointed out that the JANZ related calculation for our annual bonus was an integral part of our salary, was agreed to by the company in the EA and that Jetstar had to pay it. We were well supported by the Commissioner.

After a lengthy adjournment so Jetstar could get instructions they came back in and revealed the JANZ score was 42%. They have now decided to pay that and are going to announce that to staff covered by the EA. Based on our calculations that should be $840 per LAME. In that respect, getting the movement from the apparent zero score to 42% was a big step.

Jetstar have now indicated that they will liaise with the ALAEA to work through the process to determine an exact payment based on the scorecard and provide a further update once completed. On the Commissioner’s advice we are going to meet with them in the week commencing 18 May so they can explain how the 42% figure was arrived at. We will then be required to inform the Commission if we accept their calculations.


If some members were concerned that this win will deliver additional payments to Jetstar Engineers but ultimately cost the company, it should be remembered that – During earlier EBA negotiations we agreed to variable bonuses in lieu of bigger set base rate wages. Our bonus is not discretionary, it is an integral part of our salary which must be paid.  The win will collectively deliver around the same to Jetstar Engineers as one tenth of the Group CEOs potential $2.5M bonus approved by shareholders at the September 2014 shareholder meeting.




Bob Toovey

Jetstar Councilor

Notice_012-2015_JETSTAR Payment Incentive Plan (PIP) Payment