Recently the ALAEA was sent an information pack issued by management regarding the registration of your personal mobile phone to access various Qantas Group computer systems. The ALAEA strongly recommends that you do not under any circumstances permit Jetstar access to information on your mobile phone. Two Qantas Group employees have recently been sacked based on information the company has obtained from portable mobile devices. The company pay no regard to their own privacy policies and will actively track your movements and claim to have rights to confiscate your phone under the guise of an “investigation”. Within the pack are the following words –


“IT will be able to manage limited aspects of your mobile to keep us protected”


Members should be aware that this gives them absolute permission to access anything they like on your phone. The word “limited” is used to make you feel safe but does not limit the company. Qantas members regularly report changes to their personal device settings that they were unaware of. In the case of a Qantas member who was sacked earlier this year, he was assured in writing by the company that they would not access his photos and web browsing history. They then sacked him based on his private photos and web browsing history. The matter is now tied up in court rooms and our member is no longer being paid. In a preliminary hearing today they claimed that the privacy related policies did not apply.


In another case, a Qantas Flight Attendant was sacked for simply checking his roster. From this information they tracked his location (via his IP location) and ended his employment as they deemed him too far from the airport whilst on standby. No assurances or fluffy words your managers spread after reading this notice should overcome the fact that this company have commenced a widespread campaign of farming personal data from employees.


Members will also note that Jetstar claim the new process will allow you to access your emails from home. Jetstar do not pay for your time at home, we are LAMEs, not office workers. As time passes there will be an expectation for LAMEs to not only access emails at home but also to use personal devices to undertake unpaid training. Our advice again –


Members should not enroll their personal mobile phone to a Company network for any purpose


If members do not enroll and inconvenience, including aircraft delays result, we will be one step closer to obtaining genuine commitments about ongoing privacy concerns.



Steve Purvinas

Federal Secretary

Notice_009_2019_ALL JETSTAR MEMBERS_Mobile Phone Use for Jetstar