Members are advised due to Jetstar’s belligerence there has been little to no progress made in EA negotiations to date. 


We are informed that Jetstar met the ECC last week.  The ALAEA has sound advice that the ECC are also extremely unhappy at Jetstar’s negative EA offer.  The Association also understands at the time of writing this notice the ECC are very angry with JQ and the ECC is on the verge of collapse.


Any LAME wishing to join the ALAEA can do so by filling out the attached form and emailing it to


There has also been a series of toolbox meetings by JQ management in an attempt to sell the EA to engineers.  The reception by ALAEA members to management at these toolbox meetings has been hostile to say the least.  Members have been passionate in their response rejecting the companies EA offer.


The recent survey indicates there is a level of support from members in relation to Protected Industrial Action (PIA).  PIA is a process where the ALAEA would apply to the Fair Work Commission (FWC) for a Protected Industrial Action Ballot order (PABO), for a series of industrial actions which the Association would seek from members prior to the PABO application.   Once FWC approves the PABO, a ballot usually via the Australian Electoral Commission is mailed to members to vote on for PIA.  Should the PIA ballot be successful then PIA can be taken by ALAEA members at an appropriate time.


(ALAEA members need to update your details via )


Having said that on a positive note, in good faith, as a last attempt to avert PIA the ALAEA has made application again to FWC.  A conference has been set in FWC Melbourne for 21 May 2018.




Brad Stewart                                                                                                   Steve Purvinas

National Union Organiser                                                                            Federal Secretary                                                                 


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