Members are advised the in relation to the attached representational rights notice/letter to engineers distributed by CHC management by email on 13 February 2015, the following;


  1. It is not up to CHC to inform members who employee representatives are. The three employee representatives referenced in the attached letter 13 February 2015, being Andrew McCready, Scott Templeton and Dave Farrar, for the purpose of Enterprise Bargaining, ARE NOT employee representatives for all engineers, they are ALAEA Reps therefore only representing ALAEA LAME members – not all employees.


  1. In the ALAEAs opinion, for the purpose of EA bargaining, on the basis that the two unions (AMWU-ALAEA) are legally entitled to represent their members, employee reps cannot represent all engineers/employees. Therefore in our opinion ALAEA members cannot represent AMWU members and vice versa. For the attached letter stating that the three above mentioned reps (who are ALAEA reps) are employee representatives for ALL employees – is in the ALAEAs opinion a violation of the Fair Work Act 2009.


  1. The ALAEA will be representing ALL ALAEA LAME members, Andrew McCready, Scott Templeton and Dave Farrar will only be representing ALAEA LAME members, whilst the AMWU will be representing their members. Those engineers that are not union members have the following options;


3.1       Join a union to be represented

3.2       Not join a union and be on your own

3.3       Nominate yourself as a bargaining representative

3.4       Or do nothing


Engineers for the purpose of EA bargaining need to understand that if they elect not to be a union member, which is perfectly legal, they are completely on their own.


There has never been a better time to join a union!






Brad Stewart

National Union Org


Norice 007-2015 All CHC Members – CHC EA _ Representational Rights