Recently the ALAEA held a series of meetings in Brisbane’s Heavy Maintenance facility explaining what we understand to be a long running breach of the Qantas Enterprise Agreement where 20th Days had been paid out at single time when we believe they should have been paid out at double time. 


The issue is more prevalent in Heavy Maintenance as there is a specific clause allowing Qantas to pay out these days at the end of each calendar year but may also apply to some members in Line Maintenance who may have had 20th days paid out after moving from one section to another or out of Heavy Maintenance into Line.  Claims for underpayment must have fallen within the previous 6 years and may apply to members who transferred out of the closed Melbourne and Avalon Heavy Maintenance sections.


Attached is a letter written to Qantas yesterday specific to 78 members who attended meetings in Brisbane and on our account are owed from a few hours pay to, in some cases, over $30,000 each. HM members who were unable to make the meetings or who didn’t complete paperwork to recover the alleged underpayments can do so by emailing ALAEA Industrial Officer Glynn Sowter at the following email address where further instructions will be given –


Line Maintenance members who suspect they may be captured in the 20th day payout claim should also email Glynn. 


Please note this case is not related to the payout of days In lieu of Public Holidays that are often paid out when annual leave is taken. DILs or RDOPHs come under different rules in the Enterprise Agreement. This claim is confined only to 20th days which are defined on a pay slip as PAID DAY20.

Steve Purvinas

Federal Secretary


Click here for copy of Notice & Letter