CASA are presenting a proposal to introduce new rules for GA.  They will flow to, and devastate, our entire industry.  The obligatory consultation is underway, and submissions are sought from interested parties.  No organisation distorts their consultation process more than CASA.  We ask all members to write an objection to Part 43.  It can be short, it can be long, it can be anything. We just need clear objections.

Part 43 is the ‘baby’ of but a few CASA people only.  They are pushing this dangerous change using new and old consultation tricks.  Previously, ALAEA members have completed proforma objections to other CASA changes.  CASA then group our objections together and declare it as one objection.  For this reason, it is important that each submission is individual and distinguishable.  This round they have devised a new stunt.  They require a survey type submission.  The survey analyses Part 43 divisions.  A question is then asked with three options.  You can be either a) satisfied, b) suggest changes or c) not sure.  There is no option for those who are dissatisfied.  We have contacted CASA to complain about their one-sided survey and they advise that a written submission can only be made as an addition to a survey response.  We recommend all member’s go to the survey at: and answer each question as per our recommended answers.

To encourage member email submissions, we are holding a competition.  There will be a $100 Bunnings voucher for the best submission and a random $100 Bunnings voucher drawn out of all other email submissions made by ALAEA members.  When the survey is done, object via email at: copy us in to enter the competition at

Letters should state clearly that you fully object to Part 43.  Individual submissions from our Technical Officer, GA Councillor and myself are below. Your submission can be modelled on, or include parts of, our letters.  Submissions close on 18 June 2022.  CASA will manage 100 positive responses; we need to outnumber them.

Steve Purvinas 

Federal Secretary

Click below links to access Notice, objections and survey instructions

Notice_006_2022_Part 43 Proposal

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